'The Office' Season 7, Episode 14 Recap

The writers of 'The Office' are sneaky little devils. Week after week this season, they've been giving us episodes that are decreasingly Michael-centric; even Michael's role at Dunder Mifflin Scranton is nebulous at best. It was a way for them to get people used to the idea of the office functioning without Michael in order to smooth the transition for when Steve Carell leaves.

But this week, their sneakiness took the cake. They managed to have a plot that very much involved Michael, but it was all outside the office, leaving those left behind at the Scranton office to fend for themselves. The results of that were mixed, which I'll get to later.

But Michael's Scranton adventure made for one of the best stories of the season, and not just because Holly figured out what everyone -- except for Erin -- knew about her and Michael. Read More...



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