'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Communication Studies

Meredith told us in voiceover mode that this episode was all about deception, but I beg to differ: I think it was about communication — lots and lots of exceedingly true and open and honest communication, arguably even too much of it at times. (Think: Tweeting surgery, watching your Alzheimer’s-suffering husband canoodle with his paramour.) A look at the big truths revealed this (also exceptionally funny) hour:

Callie and Mark’s pregnancy
Truly, I couldn’t be more thrilled that Grey’s has given these two a lasting bond without linking them romantically. I love them together, but nottogether together. I would love to have these two as my parents. (I would be hot and witty and smart and bantery and extremely open-minded!) I was so relieved when he "proposed" and she snarked, "I’m all for raising a baby with you, but there’s a line." Read More...



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