'Jersey Shore' recap: Probing Questions

Who is Pauly D? He's a man of mystery, a blank slate, a riddle wrapped in an enigma swaddled in a Shyamalan. We know that he is a handsome fellow, that he says funny things, that his hair is trying to escape from his brain by reaching skyward. We know that he is a DJ. And that's pretty much it. He does not fight. He does not argue. He is easily the least active member of the house. He's there to react, with cartoon-sized eyes and quick repartee that occasionally morphs into song mid-sentence. The world seems to be happening around him, for his viewing pleasure. He's like a robot fromMystery Science Theater 3000, except with better production designers. Just consider how blissfully uninterested he acts around the beautiful girls who follow him home. His smush etiquette is nonexistent. Compare him to Vinny, who always acts like a kid on Christmas morning when he gets a pretty lady home from the club, or the Situation, who will force a girl into comfortable sweatpants and then cook her up a late dinner. (Turns out there are some advantages to sleeping with a 45-year-old multi-millionaire.) Read More...



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