'Pretty Little Liars' stars: 'A' won't be revealed this season

Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson, two of the lovely stars of ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars," stopped by Ryan Seacrest's morning show Friday (Feb. 4) to dish about the show. The most exciting was said by Ms. Mitchell, "I really want it to be one of the four girls that killed her."The "her" in question is obviously Alison and we are on board with that theory, it would certainly be an exciting twist to the show. We think Spencer's got it in her.Mitchell also says as to "A's" identity, "I used to guess just like everybody else and then every single table read it'd be proven that it wasn't that person. So I've kind of given up and I'm just going to be led in the dark just like everybody else."Ashley Benson reveals that the actors "know a lot of the secrets" that their characters are hiding, though every once in awhile they are surprised...



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