'Archer' Season 2, Episode 2 Recap

I don't think it's a goal 'Archer' set for itself, but the show has already developed some mighty addictive catchphrases.

Yes, comedy catchphrases can become annoying when they're beaten into the ground, but in its relatively short life, 'Archer' has been using its go-to phrases sparingly. Better yet, each one is a succinct encapsulation of the character using it.

Lana's "Ayup," for example, which is delivered with perfectly weary sarcasm by Aisha Tyler, expresses the character's resigned determination. It says that she accepts that she works in a loony bin, but she's not going to succumb to the extremely high level of crazy. She's going to take care of business no matter how wigged out everything gets.

Cyril's tentative "Hello?," on the other hand, captures the comptroller's essentially timid nature. I think the first time we heard him say it, Lana had just walked in on him as he was cheating on her. This time, he attempted to be mildly cheery as he said "Hello" to Trexler, even though he'd just shot the man up with fish paralyzer. Kind of a faux pas; he hadn't even been properly introduced to the paralyzee. At least Cyril has a slightly better bedside manner than the creepy Krieger, who is not just deeply weird but was, of course, tripping his brains out during the surgery on Trexler. Read More...



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