$#*! My Dad Says 1.16 "Well Suitored" Review

It seems as if CBS is giving its comedy characters some more emotion this week as now Ed is starting to feel human romantic emotions towards Rosemary. These almost came at a moment to late as guest star Lee Major pushed his way into Rosemary’s life. But, did the episode itself give us the right emotion about the show or are we left with just another emotionless tale?

It’s very rare to see a sitcom pull a 3 episode arc but, I have to say S#*! My Dad Says was able to pull it off. This week continued the story of Ed and Rosemary’s love life. Now, I realize that Ed is not the most romantic guy on the planet and that is what makes this episode unique. The writers are doing a great job making the character of Ed have trouble expressing raw emotion and to be honest, I don’t believe that Ed has much of it to begin with.  The Ed-Rosemary relationship was thrown for a loop as Don Reger (played by Lee Majors) began to court Rosemary. With Ed’s inability to express he really likes Rosemary (to me it felt like Ed was acting like a grade school kid who is "dating" a classmate), Don was able to swoop in a become Rosemary’s boyfriend for a while. From here, the show took a turn for the better in terms of character development. I enjoyed seeing Ed once again evolve into a more normal human being and finally realize Rosemary is the girl he wants to be with. This all came to head during a zoo exhibit showing where Ed and Don faced off in a battle while dressed as animal mascots. The fight was actually a pretty good fight for two older men and it seemed that Ed was channeling a bit of Captain Kirk in his fight. In the end, Ed was able to prevail and win back Rosemary. Question is, how long is Rosemary to stay and will Jean Smart soon become a series regular? Read More...



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