'Archer' 2.02 'A Going Concern' Review

This week's Archer begins with our hero confronting Malory about the mind-control chip implanted in his brain last season by the Russians. "You think he wanted to mind-control you into loving him?" she asks. "You tell me, that's your specialty," he retorts. In the heat of their argument, she tells him that she's selling ISIS to ODIN now that she's broke thanks to a Ponzi scheme. Oh, snap.

It comes out quickly that ODIN is interested in buying ISIS only because Len Trexler (Jeffrey Tambor) wants to sleep with Malory. While everyone panics because they know they're about to be fired (and Cheryl/Carol realizes she's been on LSD awhile now), Archer comes up with a great plan: use the mind-control chip, put it into Trexler's brain, and make him both dump Malory and back out of the deal. This requires him breaking into Malory's desk. I don't know which is worse: the fact that the desk is wired with C4 or that this leads him to discover his mother's vibrator. "There's not enough liquor and therapy in the world to undo that," he admits. I was drinking at the time he said that, and I nearly spit Mountain Dew across my keyboard. Read More...



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