The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Thespian Catalyst"

I'm usually of the mind that an episode that places Sheldon and Penny together in an amusingly awkward situation is going to result in hilarity.  That said, "The Thespian Catalyst" was just mildly amusing.

Of course, there was the requisite condescension on the part of Sheldon, and a brief glimpse of the humorous eye twitch that first made its appearance when Penny presented him with Leonard Nimoy's DNA (I guess it only comes out when Spock is part of the story), but it didn't seem to bring the funny as it usually does.

On the other hand, Raj stole the show with his escalating fantasies of something unforeseen taking Howard out of the picture so that he could take over Howard's duties of fulfilling Bernadette's needs. Read More...


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