Parks and Recreation Review: Welcome, Twilight Soldiers...

To paraphrase Chris Traeger, this was, literally, a mediocre episode of Parks and Recreation. At best.

Granted, "Time Capsule" had the bad luck of following "Flu Season," one of the funniest episodes in show history. But this installment could have proceeded a complete dud and still not registered many laughs for me.

There was simply too much focus on a guest star (Will Forte), and the one-note joke that came along with centering an entire episode around the Twilight Saga. It's not even an original idea at this point. For better or worse, those movies have infiltrated popular culture to such an extent that the storyline felt out-dated.

(To be fair, this episode was filmed with the belief that NBC would air in September, but the jokes wouldn't have felt much fresher four months ago). Read More...


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