PRIVATE PRACTICE “Heaven Can Wait” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE "Heaven Can Wait" Season 4 Episode 12 – I just love, love, love that they broached the subject of people in this country being prescribed way too many drugs in this episode. Charlotte actually being the one to not want the drugs and pointing out that they have side-effects, risk of dependency was great. She’s an addict so she knows what she’s talking about and people constantly being compared to machines makes me so ill I can barely stand it. Yay for them taking a moment to bring up the problem.

As for Addison.. well, I don’t think Naomi and she are doing well as friends now that Addison is with Sam. Naomi is understandably finding it hard to deal with all of Addison’s relationship quirks now that they involve her ex-husband. Naomi’s the one who told Addison she sucks at relationships; was she really all that surprised to find out that Addison then panicked and asked Sam to marry her? It felt to me like that was the only thing Addison knew how to do to fix the fact that she had sort of flirted with Dr. Rodriguez and to try and deal with her mother marrying her lesbian lover. I’m not saying it was smart, I’m just saying it was classic Addison and at least she was able to take it back. Read More...


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