Top Moments: Real Housewives' Wedding Bell Blues and Kim Kardashian's Nude Awakening

Our top moments of the week:

14. Best Kiss: We've seen plenty of shirtless Stefan Salvatore shots on The Vampire Diaries, so it was about time we got not one, but two Damon shower scenes. At the end of the episode, Damon soaks in a bubble bath with his new lady Andie. In true vampire fashion, Damon grabs her for an intense kiss, and then nibbles on her neck until we see blood drip down her soaking wet back. 

13. Biggest Loser and Gainer: We get thatThe Biggest Loser is not the best way for everyone to lose weight. But Don, if you're not feeling it, do everyone a favor and quit instead of throwing the weigh-in, not once, but twice. After his twin brother and fellow cop, Dan, got bounced when they both gained weight, Don puts on another 6 pounds so he too can get sent home to the family he missed so much. "It's a good strategic move," he says. Good riddance. Read More...


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