Skins USA: Teens "Thank" The PTC As We Die Laughing

Apparently someone else feels the same as we do concerning the controversy surrounding MTV's Skins.

Yesterday, the humor website Funny or Die posted a video of teens "thanking" the PTC for the controversy surrounding Skins, because its taboo nature is now fair game for teen consumption.

The clip takes jabs at some of the offenses listed by the PTC concerning Skins, which was dubbed the show the "most dangerous show on television" by the parental watch group. Another target in the clip is Taco Bell, who pulled their ads from the show and are now facing their own controversy surrounding their food products not being authentic.

We would love to be flies on the walls of the members of the PTC as they watch this clip. They would probably be gagging for breath from an induced rage upon seeing the clip. Speaking of which, here you go!


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