Community 2.14 "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" Review

I have never in my life played Dungeons & Dragons. Never came close to even thinking about playing. My knowledge of the game is slim, obtained only from that fantastic final episode of Freaks and Geeks and a few passing conversations with members of my co-hort who do enjoy the same and were rightfully excited for this episode of Community.

I think, however, it’s best that I don’t know much about the game because this episode isn’t about Dungeons & Dragons, it’s about doing the right thing and finding your place in a stressful, hateful world.

Okay, who am I kidding, this episode is clearly about Dungeons & Dragons. But it does a really nice job of keeping the references open enough for a non-fan like myself and still manages to mix in some of those "real" storytelling beats amid the greatness that is a live-action comic setpiece built around the study group playing a full game of Dungeons & Dragons. Read More...


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