Supernatural 6.12 "Like a Virgin" Review

Do you hear that sound, boys and girls? That’s the sound of millions of Supernatural fans sighing in relief about the return of Sam’s soul.

Some other stuff happened in this episode too, but let’s start with the important stuff.

Sammy’s Back, Baby!

We open with Dean obviously concerned about the fact that Sam wasn’t waking up after Death jammed his soul back into his body, but Castiel popped by to confirm that it was, in fact, returned.  Except Cas isn’t all that pleased about what Dean did, because he delivers the horrifying news that Sam’s soul has basically been ravaged (no, not like that, people!) and Dean should never have put it back in his body.  Dean (and I) remain convinced that it was the right thing to do.  When Dean goes upstairs to talk to Bobby about a potential new case (which we’ll get to shortly), Sam does wake up. Read More...


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