THE DEFENDERS “Nevada V. Donnie The Numbers Guy” Review

THE DEFENDERS "Nevada V. Donnie The Numbers Guy" Season 1 Episode 13 – One of the many fun things about my job is that I get to check out TV shows I may not otherwise watch. I had of course heard of The Defenders but hadn’t yet gotten around to taking a look at it. So when I got offered the chance to review it, I jumped at it and so far, so good.

Never having seen the show before, I was definitely not expecting the kidnapping of a main character in the opening scene, but it totally got my attention. Okay so it turned out that wasn’t actually what happened but I still liked how that whole scene played out.

As I continued to watch this episode, the other thing I found was that I was really intrigued by Nick’s character. I had no idea he was a guy who decided on a career change so late in life and became a lawyer in his thirties. The fact that he was in the mob before has got me even more curious about this guy and I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about him as I continue to watch the show. Read More...


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