'Supernatural' Recap: The Mother of All Evil

Oh mama, Supernatural is back! The first episode of 2011 felt like a season premiere, complete with a "Road So Far" montage set to Aerosmith's "Back in the Saddle." The episode got Sam back and set up the new big bad villain of the year, someone we've been waiting a long time to see: the Mother of All.
Welcome Back, SammyAfter being resouled by Death, Sam is back to his old self, literally. He doesn't remember anything about coming back and doing serious damage without a soul, something Dean is all-too-happy to let him forget. Bobby, however, is smart enough to know that lying to Sam about this is going to bite them all in the behinds. The most surprising twist is that Bobby's wrong.

Supernatural does the right thing by not dragging this storyline out. Cas pops in for a reunion with Sam and tells him all about how he was a soulless one-man army. Cas also tries to comfort Sam with a hug, and seeing Cas try to show emotion is wonderfully hilarious. Read More...



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