'Law & Order: UK' 3.04 'Confession' Review

If you've been reading my Law & Order: UK reviews long enough, you know that among the many things I like about this show, two of them are episodes written by Terry Cafolla ("Sacrifice,""Love and Loss") and the adorable awesomeness that is Jamie Bamber. Cafolla writing a Bamber-centric episode? I'm absolutely behind that.

Whenever a cop turns up dead, it's always going to be a bad day; when it's someone our heroes actually know, it's the worst day possible. The victim is Matt's oldest friend, which sends Matt off the rails from the word "go," and as we know from previous episodes, Matt's possessed of quite the temper. It's not easy for him to tear into his friend's past, especially when it requires asking tough questions. The investigation brings him face-to-face with a former priest who's also a pedophile, and drags his own past out in the process. It's a plotline that's sadly still relevant (how many jokes about the Catholic church have we made, and are still making?) and as is usual for this series, the subject matter is written in a relatable way. Of course it's fiction, but we can understand the underlying issues; as someone who's had a friend commit suicide, I can attest that I've asked some of the same questions that Matt does. The best drama is not only entertaining but real, and this episode is both. Read More...



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