'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' recap: Ahsoka Embraces Her Dark Side

"…Or so they think."

Isn’t that the best type of foreshadowing? It’s the kind that only an omniscient narrator can give, and it was how Tom Kane, our disembodied chronicler of that Galaxy Far, Far Away, ended his especially bombastic intro to "Altar of Mortis" last night. That’s right, folks. Just as Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka thought they were out, Mortis pulled them back in.

And it all began with a dream. Like in Luke’s vision in that mythically creepy cave on Dagobah, Anakin was confronted with… himself. Of course, his alter ego soon transformed into the Son, the Force-wielder who embodies the Dark Side on Mortis. Apparently, the Son felt that Anakin could most easily be seduced to the Dark Side in his dreams, a kind of Force-assisted inception, if you will. Read More...



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