The Defenders Review: "Nevada v. Donnie The Numbers Guy"

And the verdict is... guilty? Repeat that again Mr. Foreman. Did you actually say guilty?

I’ve been so used to Nick and Pete receiving the usual victory verdict, that hearing those words shocked me.

Ironically, even though I’ve been advocating for the lawyers to lose a case (because as much as it’s unrealistic to win all the time, it’s also a little boring), I was hoping they would prevail on "Nevada v. Donnie The Numbers Guy."

Let’s be honest, that ADA was grating on me. Maybe it was because of her bad haircut, maybe it was because her heart was icy tundra, or maybe because she refused to test the DNA of the real killer, but I wanted Nick to crush her in court.

What’s worse, after she won, she even smugly used Nick’s joke against him. Taking photos of everything with his phone was perfect humor for Nick, but when the ADA copied him? If The Defenders was looking for a villain, she certainly filled those high heels. Read More...


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