SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA “Paterfamilias” Review

SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA "Paterfamilias" Episode 3 – Now that I’ve contented myself to sit back and fully enjoy the joyful mayhem that is the Spartacus series, I can see its excellence all the clearer. Probably no series has had the "senseless sex and violence" tag (fairly or unfairly) so quickly affixed. From the comments I get from various people, it’s still trying to overcome those accusations.

Which is why I was glad we got "Paterfamilias" today. Granted, compared to most shows, this episode could still be called violent. But when you compare it to the Ghost of Spartacus Past, this episode was nearly bloodless. Which isn’t to say it didn’t stack on the horror. The slow terror that was the two-man rape of the virgin slave Diona (a tragically good Jessica Grace Smith) was all more horrifying because it was done so casually, disdainfully. Most violent rape scenes don’t come across as emotionally scarring as this one did. We were as guilty as Lucretia (Lucy Lawless, par excellence), sitting back and watching it happen right before our eyes. And we couldn’t look away. Read More...


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