CSI: NY “Party Down” Review

CSI:NY "Party Down" Season 7 Episode 13 – This week’s episode of CSI:NY started very much like the previous episode, "Holding Cell", with a group of young people dancing in a club. Although unlike the previous episode, this club isn’t showered with water. Instead, the ENTIRE CLUB goes headlong into water when we find out that the party was taking place in the back of a semi truck which drove into the river. The rest of "Party Down" played out like your typical CSI:NY episode.

Now I consider myself a pretty savvy, intelligent TV viewer, but I had a very hard time keeping track of the characters in this episode. There were too many victims, suspects, and witnesses that all looked very similar and it made it pretty difficult to keep up with who said what, and who had which alibi and backstory. It could be that I’m alone in this, but when there’s a large group of twenty-somethings in this party it made it difficult to keep them all straight. Read More...



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