SUPERNATURAL “Like a Virgin” Review

SUPERNATURAL "Like a Virgin" Season 6 Episode 12 – Alright Samgirls and Samboys, I know I’ve been saying all along that I was totally okay with Soulless Sam. In fact I was getting a huge kick out of Soulless Sam with his Soulless Ways, Soulless Badassery and Soulless Humor. I was even a smidge disappointed when they put his soul back in so soon as I thought it would happen later in the season.

All that being said though, I was so freaking happy to see Sam back in this episode! Don’t even get me started on the brother hug because I’ll just end up squeeing and flailing and.. well, it’s not a pretty sight.

After all this time, I had almost forgotten what it was like to have the kindler, gentler version of the younger Winchester around and after just a few minutes, I wanted to give him a big welcome home hug myself. At first I thought maybe it would be easier if they just told Sam I thought if that happened, he’d be scratching at the wall so imagine my shock when he got the truth out of Cas so fast. I love that his first instinct was to feel bad about what he did, not anger at being lied to. Yep, that’s our Sammy alright. Read More...


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