'Smallville' Recap: Collateral

Deadshot and Rick Flag

When we last saw our heroes, they were lying unconscious on the floor of an Egyptian temple at Hawkman’s funeral. And yet somehow, we pick up in the Kent farm kitchen, where Lois is on the phone with the Vigilante Registration Act Hotline (really?) desperately trying to find information on her fiancée’s whereabouts. Clark walks through the door, announces he’s been released by the VRA (does the A now stand for Administration?), but the reunion is bittersweet as he reveals that the government has somehow found a way to take away his super powers.

 And Clark’s not the only one; Black Canary (Alaina Huffman) has likewise lost her abilities and Oliver has forgotten how to shoot an arrow straight and narrow. To make matters worse, Clark, Dinah and Oliver are all having flashbacks of being trapped in glass containment units, being experimented on by the missing-since-the-season-premiere Chloe. Read more...



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