Skins UK 5.02 "Rich" Review

In a world of noise and destruction, silence is can prove to be your most viable asset.

This week's episode of E4's Skins focused on Rich, a rebellious, metal-head who takes his metal lifestyle pretty seriously, claiming to never compromise his lifestyle for anyone. What Rich doesn't get is that his alienated attitude doesn't sit well with those around him, especially his best friend Alo, who blames Rich's behavior for his lack of a sex life. After finding the perfect mate for Rich in the form of a female metal-head, who they hilariously dub "Angel of Death," Alo, with the help of Franky, enlist Grace to help Rich learn how to talk to girls. Grace agrees to the task, but meets him in secret to avoid the wrath of Mini and Liv.

The more Grace attempts to help Rich, the more he shuts her down in her endeavors, because he doesn't think their personalities mesh all that well. Later, despite getting her feelings hurt, Grace reappears to Rich dressed in metal-head gear, which impresses Rich to an extent. Grace, in her role of Sub, shows off her knowledge in metal but drops the role when Rich criticizes Grace for letting Mini and Liv use her like a welcome mat. This forces Grace to vent about her life in that no one, not even Rich, has a clear reading on her. As the episode goes on, Rich is embarrassingly turned down by Angel of Death and spurns Grace in retaliation after she invites him to her ballet recital. After a conversation with Alo about being true to himself gets ugly, Rich runs and buys an album that eventually turns him deaf. After he's lost his hearing trying to prove is never compromising attitude when it comes to metal, Rich ends up at Grace's ballet performance. Despite not being deaf, Rich sheds a tear at the beauty of what he sees. Read More...


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