SHAMELESS “Three Boys” Review

SHAMELESS "Three Boys" Season 1 Episode 5 -The Gallaghers help Veronica and Kevin stage a wedding of sorts to get Veronica an inheritance from her father in the "Three Boys" episode of SHAMELESS. Meanwhile, Ian gets an uncomfortable reminder that Kash is married and Frank learns he should only have two-not three- testicles.

For all their bickering and flakiness, Veronica and Kev are one of the most stable couples on TV. They love each other; they’re certainly hot for each other, and they find a way to be there for each other. I’m glad to see them front and center this week as they find a way to get the nest egg set aside by Veronica’s father without getting Kevin arrested for bigamy. Even with the over-the-top antics like the skewering (and beating courtesy of Carl) taken by the Catholic Church and its priestly pedophilia and especially V’s Tourette’s suffering bipolar brother Marty, there is a surprisingly sweet innocence to Veronica wanting to be Kevin’s wife. That the happy couple remains jubilant even after the inheritance is only $500 speaks volumes about their future. They want little tomorrow people. How cute is that? Read More...


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