Californication Review: "Freeze-Frame"

Things between Hank and Abby got interesting on "Freeze-Frame," as she revealed how she wrote a novel at one point.

However, after her then-writer boyfriend crapped on it, she shredded the it and applied to law school. The chemistry and exchange between these two was quite entertaining and Abby’s description of Hank as a charming man with a lot of dark stuff running through his head was right on point.

Elsewhere, The Queens of Dogtown covered Alice In Chains’s "Would," the lyrics of which were poignant for a number of characters. Has Hank run too far to get home? We know he has made big mistake after mistake, but can he get anyone to see it once his way?

I liked the scene where Ben met Hank and told him not to be that guy. He is not susceptible nor has his judgment been jaded by Hank’s charm.  Hank was visibly upset, but made a nice move by not tagging along to the post-show dinner with Karen. It was clear she did not want him there and he at least granted her that desired space instead of selfishly inserting himself as the third wheel.

Charlie had the same abrasive doctor that took care of Hank after his accidental over dose and learned from him that the doctor who did his vasectomy recently had lost his license. Loved how he described him as "Weenie Todd the demon urologist of the West Side." Read More...


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