Recap: 'Glee' - 'The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle'

It’s been roughly two months since the last episode of "Glee," during which time I forgot how to actually watch the show. Sure, I’ve watched plenty of television in the interim. Probably too much, according to my family. But "Glee" breaks the rules of how television is supposed to work, and so coming back into it is now is liking coming from a 3 Doors Down concert and then sitting front row at a jazz fusion festival. Not that "Glee" would ever do jazz fusion: I’m not sure its supposed demographic of seven-year olds would appreciate covers of "Bitches Brew."

That crack about a seven year old being the show’s target demo came out of the mouth of "Glee" creator and Kings of Leon superfan Ryan Murphy, who kept the show in the spotlight despite its prolonged absence from the small screen through a series of outlandish quote. It was one of many things that ran through my mind while watching fiery whips and sparkling bras fill the screen during the show’s routine to "California Gurls". It was a number designed to maintain the Super Bowl audience in much the same way as "Alias" putting Jennifer Garner in sexy lingerie or "Grey’s Anatomy" putting half of its cast naked in the shower in their respective post-game episodes. But did Murphy and Company think that the audience for the Super Bowl was pre-teens who need to learn about the importance of the arts? Read More...


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