GLEE “Thriller” Review

GLEE "Thriller" Season 2 Episode 11 – Finally, Gleeks, after seven long weeks Glee has finally returned with a new episode. Making its big return after the Super Bowl, Glee went all out to make this show an event. From the Thriller halftime show to a human cannon (with two little baby cannons at home) to a rampaging Sue Sylvester, I thought this episode was worth the wait.

So, just to recap: Sue’s bored with the Cheerios (even when they’re slapping themselves with chicken cutlets) and wants to shoot Brittany out of her Sue-clear weapon; Coach Beiste and Will decide to make the self destructing football team join New Directions in the hopes of putting an end to the bullying; and former BFFs Finn and Puck become allies like Maverick and Iceman in Top Gun.

Sue, the 31-year-old legend, was just out of control in "Thriller." Besides nearly talking Brittany into getting into a cannon with a 30% chance of success and rampaging through the school, she was also named Loser of the Year in a funny cameo by Katie Couric. Sue beat out: the economy, Mel Gibson, the housing market, Dina Lohan, Wall Street, Tiger Woods, the Dallas Cowboys, Brett Favre’s cellphone, 9% unemployment, and Sparky Lohan (Dina’s dog and also, apparently, a loser). Ouch. Read More...


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