BEING HUMAN (UK) “Type 4'' Review

BEING HUMAN "Type 4? Series 3 Episode 3 - A ‘shouting, pissed’ zombie, a murderous fanboy vampire, and werewolf babies – no one can ever say Being Human doesn’t bring the humor. And this was a very funny episode, possibly the funniest to date, but more importantly it was an intense game-changer that’s set up a personal arc for our beloved foursome beautifully.

Sasha started out as a zombie in denial, who followed Annie home from a club, hurling abuse. She died a sad but wise person, thanking Annie for her friendship. What came in between was equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking. As entertaining as Sasha herself was, she was also a catalyst for our foursome to figure out their own issues.

Nina’s pregnant, a result of the lycanthropian sex back in episode 3.01. She wants to have an abortion and George assumes it’s because of their werewolf issue. Instead, Nina explains that she fears being a mother because her own treated her so badly. It was a brilliantly written scene, beautiful in it’s vulnerability. Read More...


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