One Piece Episode #486 - Review

The fallout from events has everyone making their way from Marineford with as much haste as possible, but it's causing some splits as well. One of the main focuses is getting all the Whitebeard pirates out and ensuring that Luffy himself is safe in his catatonic state. Buggy ends up securing his own crew again in essence here with the way he's got such a faithful group with him which I continue to find very amusing. There's plenty of face paced running going on here as everyone flees and as the Navy fires off after them, but there's also some very calm moments mixed into it as we see Blackbeard and his group moving forward with their own mysterious plan, one that Shiryu even says that they'll have to disband if they fail to accomplish it. Their actions around Whitebeard even have the main Navy men watching on with a fair bit of apprehension.The fight to get away is one that won't go terribly smoothly, which makes a whole lot of sense considering the fight to get to Ace was a lengthy and brutal process. But the focus now is a bit different as the pirates are intent on protecting Luffy at all costs since that was one of the few requests made, and one that some of them like Jimbei got from Ace when he was alive back in Impel Down. Seeing the coming together of these key and powerful figures is really enjoyable, from Boa making her stand to Ivankov being fiercely protective. It's unfortunate that Luffy is essentially completely zoned out though since that keeps him from being an active participant. The missing element of his rage in trying to get out and doing all that he can is something that I think would have been really intriguing to have here. Read More...


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