Beelzebub Episode #05 - Review

Where things take a curious turn is when Oga starts to figure out that the way he can be done with Beel is by not fighting, to not get stronger and instead become a super nice guy. Which is amusing since his early internal monologues had him talking about himself as if he was a great guy. Oga's not someone that can go long without hitting someone, something he proves the moment after he makes his pledge, but it's definitely a good idea he has since he would in essence become weaker and Beel would wander off to someone stronger. But even going this route proves problematic at first because people are shocked when he doesn't fight and says he's a pacifist. Enough so that some fall over from it, keeping him from having to fight at all. It's amusing to see Oga being manly about his choice, which does inspire Beel, since it's juts reinforcing the bond between the two and you can see events spiraling badly out of control for Oga.One of the main thrusts of the episode comes in the form of Himekawa who wants to take down Oga since his reputation is growing so well. He's got a bit of smarts about him as he wants to draw in and threaten Oga, so he kidnaps Furuichi and Hilda in order to get him properly riled up for what he wants to do. Of course, he throws off Oga with an offer that should sway him, but Oga's just so generally oblivious to these things that he doesn't care. He just wants to fight since he can't let his friends be captured like this. It's a nice moment that shows his true nature and it does fit in with the strong man approach he's been teaching Beel for awhile now. The fight does go about as you'd expect as the viewer, but watching Himekawa's frustration and the way Hilda reacts to what she sees makes it work rather well as it all reinforces who Oga truly is. Read More...


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