Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #18 - Review

Far away in another realm, Alfimi has captured Excellen. There, Excellen asks her why the tentacled aliens appeared around Kyousuke, and she learns that they were indeed there to protect him. They do not want the flame of his life to flicker and die away. Excellen wants to know exactly what Alfimi has in mind, but she refuses to tell her, instead kissing her and calling upon her to now be a pure being. After the kiss, something strange happens to Excellen's Weissritter. Back among the Inspectors and Shadow Mirror, Mekibos and Vindel discuss their alliance and what is to be done, now that these strange creatures, the ones tied to Alfimi, have also made their appearance, and appear to be hostile to their interests. It's a dangerous situation for both sides, as neither quite trust the other. On the EFA side, they are still licking their wounds, wounds that run deep. Kyousuke is alive, but seriously wounded. Captain Daitetsu is dead. Excellen is missing as far as they know. Things look very grim. And Lamia learns about sorrow. The Hagane's first officer, Tetsuya Onodera, confers with Capt. Lefina Enfield of the Hiryuu Kai, surveying the situation. It looks rather grim. But Lefina's first officer, Sean Webley, advises all of them not to sink into sadness. They must press on. A brief moment to honor the dead is all they can spare. But in a shock to the others, Kyousuke, who has been roused from his coma by what one could assume is the spirit of Beowulf that the Shadow Mirror people keep on talking about, suddenly appears at the memorial service to offer his own salute. He is wounded, but we know he will be back.  Read More...


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