Cross Game Episode #43 - Review

When the game gets rolling, there's some amusing aspects to it as they basically roll over on the competition as most of the guys have asked for dates depending on how they perform with Aoba. Well, Azuma didn't which isn't a surprise, but the way they handle this aspect as Aoba reads off the players and their positions with the mental note from them about what they want works really nicely. There's little tension in the way of the game itself, but there are some bits that crop up along the way as we see Daimon there checking them out as well as he's definitely getting the feeling that he may go up against them at some point. And as confidence and indifferent as he manages to come across as most of the time, he's not inept and won't let something like this surprise him since there is some bad blood history there.The return characters are a bit fun in addition to Daimon as we see Risa returning to the school briefly for some photoshoot. She's been following her dream to be an actress and has actually succeeded rather well. She's gained a number of parts, though no leading roles, and keeps herself quite busy with those and these kinds of shoots. There's a good deal of reaction to her coming to the school as lots of people remember here and that causes a small ruckus, though it's all background noise to her as she's just as commanding and bossy as ever. In addition to her, the match that Daimon's guys go up against has a player that left Seishu with him in the form of Miki, who is bought out as the ace of the team but is unable to turn thing around for them completely. There's some interesting dialogue between Azuma and Ko about it as they watch the game unfold and comment on Miki but also the reasons why the game goes as it does.  Read More...


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