Cross Game Episode #44 - Review

The game against Sena doesn't take long to get underway and there's some really neat little things about it that comes out early on. The revelation that the team's captain is just a social studies teacher with no experience is certainly something that would keep Daimon from taking them seriously, but as Miki says to him, they have such a strong love of the game and thoroughly enjoy practicing that they've excelled easily and they have players that really understand the fundamentals of the game. And can teach and learn from each other as well, as becomes apparent. There's a lot of love from the fans for both teams and there's little in the way of animosity amongst the players, even as scouting reports prove somewhat inaccurate and there are ties to the past since Miki used to play with them.There's some nice strategy employed during the game as the Sena players come to realize just how difficult it is to score against Seishu because of Ko but also how hard it is to just get consistent hits in general. They've got a few different ideas they try and they're taking it all seriously, but they're not over stressing about it or panicking. They're enjoying it without being over the top about it even as the fate of their season is on the line for Koshien. Of course, Aoba eventually realizes what's going on as does Junpei and they start to see what the real plan is as the game gets closer to the end and the pressure builds. It does become a nail biter as you wonder what the revelation will be as it edges forward and it says a lot about the show in how they pull this off, drawing you further and further into it until you realize what's going on. Read More...


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