Level E Episode #05 - Review

The storyline here does start with a good bit of fun as a group of elementary school kids suddenly find themselves abducted by Prince, a very strange alien from their point of view. With his quirky sense of humor and the way he messes with everyone, having him haul some kids up to space to mess with them seems like it'd be him in a heartbeat. When they're thrown back to Earth, they find they each have a bracelet on their wrists that allows them to transform into a sentai team, which they find to be pretty awful since they look so terrible in their costumes. Only one of them is really thrilled by the whole experience and what he has now which totally annoys the rest of what you could call his friends. He's the best though as he gets the red band and goes right with the idea that it makes him the leader.Having the kids go through the transformations and the way most of them don't want anything to do with it is fun but having one of the teachers being an alien of some sort that's going after them now just lets it run with the humor. With a perfectly threatening voice, it hits all the right notes as they do the sentai parody here. Prince's manipulations of events is a good deal of fun here as he makes his group of Color Rangers to deal with fighting an alien and the kids are really not interested in this and find the whole situation rather insane. When they start getting real training, the back and forth is pretty solid on its own but having the pint sized Prince doing his selling of it is priceless since it's so light and fun with his style of delivery. Read More...



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