Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Episode #05 - Review

Ayumu's life is certainly an interesting one to watch and we continue to get some decent little nuggets about living as a zombie. One of which involves how he handles the daytime, which is not well, as he says it makes him feel like a three year old in how it reduces him mentally and physically. He's generally an easygoing guy but he hits a bit of luck when he ends up talking with Kyoko on the phone a fair bit and the two actually decide to meet one night so they can see just how well they can connect. Kyoko's definitely a cutie and Ayumu is very much into her, but you know there's going to be something really unexpected about this. Unexpected like a sword through the back.The truth behind Kyoko brings us to a rather good action sequence for the episode as she deals out her revenge against Ayumu and makes him completely aware of it. The threat and style of the sequence is quite good, even if it a touch forced, but it allows the show to have the girls come to his rescue. Seraphim and Haruna working together is definitely welcome and seeing what Kyoko can do with the scale of her abilities makes her a fun threat, but one you know that will be ultimately dealt with. The combination of Sera and Haruna with Ayumu in his magical girl mode is just right. There are some story elements that get nudged into the flow of events as Kyoko reveals some of it before she really gets take hurting him and the others, but the main thrust here is all about the action. Read More...



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