Dragon Crisis! Episode #05 - Review

Maruga's story from the previous episode gets a bit more complicated as she reveals how her father killed her uncle while taking on human form and that colors the story that George has told of the legendary hero quite a lot. The details always seem to do that. This revelation has reinforced his desire to get the Lost Precious and reveals another intriguing aspect of Ryuji's past that hasn't been touch on in that he was once possessed by a Lost Precious. We see it only briefly as a flashback with the mask on the wall but it gives us yet another clue of just how unusual his life has been which makes his being involved with a dragon like Rose all the more possible. His simple and ordinary life was likely never actually that. 

While there's a good bit of dialogue and exposition throughout the episode, and the fun at the beach at first, it's the last quarter that's given over largely to the action and serious dramatic moments. Rose making her own move to deal with George with the revelation that she's a dragon is a surprise since it has him ready to take her down because of the past history with it. Ryuji and Eriko racing there to stop events from spiraling out of control isn't a surprise, but it's well animated and adds nicely to the tension as everyone gets together to try and stop it all from going badly. Seeing George go over the edge and getting the connection to Ryuji's past with the Lost Precious helps to bring it all home nicely and with the intensity of the battle it all comes full circle in just the right way. Read More...



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