Queen's Blade Vol. #1 - Review

Reading up on the back story of the property, it’s amusing that Queen’s Blade is based on combat books and figures that are based on a gaming world called lost Worlds which came out in the US back in 1983. I even remember looking at that piece of cover artwork for it when I used to spend far too much time in hobby shops buying up miniatures, RPG games, dice and more. This series has been described as awful, terrible, trashy and just plain wrong. After watching the first four episodes of the first season that runs for twelve episodes, I’ll pretty much agree on the trashy part. But I’ll note that trashy does not equal bad and it can be a whole lot of fun actually. 

 Queen’s Blade takes place in your typical swords fantasy world where there’s at least a lick of magic about in it as we see an angel floating about and a woman who over utilizes a snake in a non-natural manner. The overall idea of the show, at least in its larger sense, is that the world is made up of several nations or kingdoms and there’s an event that happens over time where various women compete in matches across the lands for the Queen’s Blade, the title that will allow them to become the big wig in the world and right the wrongs they see or just create a lot more wrongs. The matches get shown through magic orbs that appear via the angels the oversee the matches so everyone can see what’s happening. During these episodes, there’s only one angle that we get to see trying to set up the matches and only one official match that gets underway in the last episode. Read More...



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