Queen's Blade Vol. #2 - Review

Queen's Blade has been saddled with a terrible release schedule as numerous delays as the first volume came out in May 2010 and six months later we get the second volume. That doesn't exactly leave you a lot to remember, especially if you've watched a lot between it, so going into this volume was a little rough. A lot of it comes back quickly though and the show manages to be fun just because it is what it is, with lots of fanservice and some raunchy looking action sequences. The more you watch Queen's Blade, the more you realize that plot really doesn't matter all that much anyway so you can just enjoy the whole thing without any issues.

 The core of the series continues to be Leina's journey through the world with Nanael watching over her and getting her into a few fights. Of course, Nanael wasn't supposed to get her into the matches since she kind of tricked and forced her into it and her entire way of looking at everything feels off. In fact, Nanael eventually gets called up to Heaven where she's told that she's ready to be sent down to Hell because of all the things she's done in a very un-angelic way, which naturally panics the hell out of her. It's amusing watching her trying to figure out what to do, but she gets one last chance where she has to go to the swamp to investigate what the Swamp Witch is up to since she's orchestrating some of the moves being made that have the bad girls getting involved in the competition. Read More...



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