Gun Sword Vol. #1 - Review

The show begins with the meandering movements of a tuxedoed stranger as he makes his way into a church. Inside there is a shoot out where a young girl appears to take a bullet in the chest, sliding along the floor without movement. The men then turn their attention to the mysterious who had just entered; using his whip-like sword he takes care of the men before passing out from the blow to the back of his head. When Van wakes up he finds himself inside a safe house where the towns people are holding up to protect their bank and hide from the gang lurking outside.

The hooligan Lucky tells them that the town will be destroyed the next day when his armor arrives. Van doesn't want to get involved, yet finds himself in a card game with life and death on the line. Lucky feels that Van stole his luck and shoots him, yet he isn't dead and his body slowly ejects the bullets healing himself. Lucky then heads to destroy the town by using his armor, which with his power drunk mentality, causes him begin shooting everything friend and foe with his mecha armor. Van's arrival gives the town hope and Lucky is going to kill him for good when Van uses his sword to form a "v" in the air calling forth his own armor Dann from it's space station home. Van easily beats him proving that the sword in this case is mightier than the bullet. Van then goes to move on to the next town as he always does but Wendy continues to offer herself to be Van's wife and goes off into the sunset with him. Read More...


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