Gun Sword Vol. #2 - Review

The volume opens with Wendy and Van come to a city located inside the bottom of a ravine, where for the past two decades twin sisters have been fighting for their father's affections and later his estate. Carmen 99 has offered Van, without his knowledge, as one bodyguard and Ray Lundgren as the other. Ray is the character standing at the doctor's door at the end of the first volume. They have similar objectives, kill the Claw because of their wives death, but highly different methods on why and how this should be accomplished. Ray's hatred fuels him to chase his goal with no concern for whom gets trapped within the crossfire, while Van stands with his odd, yet firm convictions on how this should be done. After Ray, shoots the one sister the gate to which they were fighting over is opened; yet it turns out to be an armor and the history of a science project by the Claw. The twins use the armor to attack Van who calls forth DANN, but Ray too is a rider with his own armor Volcain. The two fight each other and the twins, with only Ray and Van standing at the end. Are these two parallel beings friends or foes, or some blurry gray area in between?The second episode of the volume really pulls you back from the high that the disc began with. This fluff filler episode about a pair of love crossed idiots who keep trying to bully Van into giving them DANN is boring and extremely clichéd, so much so that the mobster's name is Tony Montana. I suggest to make the most out of the disc when Lit the Heart with Fire comes on you simply click fast forward on the DVD remote and move on to episode 7. Although, in the last minute of the episode there is a great scene with Van's anguish pouring out of him when he releases that the Claw and Wendy's brother was sitting right behind him, and that his pursuit was just a tad too slow. Read More...


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