Gun Sword Vol. #3 - Review

The volume picks up with Carmen flying her ship over a mountain and almost literally running into a hitchhiking Van. She gives them all a ride into the next town Trinolia, her home town. The beautiful, flower filled village is the home of her lifelong friend Hiyetah. We get to see how Carmen became the detached person she is today from the segregated life that she and her father lived. Finley, Hiyetah's father, was her teacher and equipment supplier for her to get into the information selling business. But, during the time while Carmen was gone Hiyetah became seduced by the money from the Claw and is really spreading a poisonous flower amongst the people. Carmen must go and stop her friend in their sacred place of their childhood. The garden is burned to the ground and the village hates Carmen for what she had done to Hiyetah, yet Carmen never tells the village the truth and carries the burden of Hiyetah's sins for her.Carmen suggests that she will go ahead with the motherboard to get it analyzed at the train station city of Zonnet. In the ocean city of Meuuniere they're held up by the trains being attacked by pirates who are determined to stop the salvagers from bringing up artifacts from the ocean floor below. Van's reputation gets them hired as guards for an upcoming recovery which will include pay and transportation to Zonnet. The pirates attack and freeze the water causing the artifact to plummet back into the ocean.  Read More...


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