Gun Sword Vol. #4 - Review

The fights from the last volume begin again in episode 13 starting the disc off in in exhilarating fashion. Diablo continuously beats down DANN but somehow, unbeknownst to Van, DANN's special abilities are tapped into allow him to take down his old partner. While, Ray simultaneously attempts to defeat the Claw, only to be stopped by Joshua who steps in front of the bullet. Michael crashes through the ceiling to rescue his comrades from Ray and Carmen who are on the offensive.Carmen, Van and Wendy reunite to continue their quest after they make it to their next destination in search of funds they drop Joshua off at a hospital to recover from his gunshot wound. Van and DANN are hired to defeat Brownie at the RWC armor tournament. Van seems to find an odd connection with Brownie's rider Priscilla whom he even manages to remember her name which is significant for the character. Priscilla is a loyal family girl who fights so that her siblings can eat after the death of their parents, and her motives apparently touch Van and he proceeds to encourage her to have a good fight the next day. Even with her quickness she cannot beat Van and DANN as the "super armor" arrives just to get annihilated by Priscilla. Read More...


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