Gun Sword Vol. #5 - Review

The beginning of the volume starts with a two part story of the land of Bokini, a small water laden city that is ruled by a man hating queen who also happens to feel the only true form of clothing is a swimsuit. The job is simple retrieve the queen for her old husband so that he can apologize for his slighting of her initial man banana hammock design, which for the first time I was happy to see something covered in a grey fuzzy squares to protect the eyes of the innocent. Inside Bokini Fasalina is there on business and grabs the attention of Carmen as Wendy is forced to particapte in an anime form of American Gladiators to show that her group is worthy of sanctuary. The city is brought down but both Fasalina and the girls achieve their missions.As the volume moves on it starts to become clear what the true madness behind the Claw's devious plan in his bizarre combination of self-sacrifice and genocide. Michael must make up his own choices of what is to be done weighing the heavy burden of protecting Wendy and following the Claw's plans, but he allows his lusting with Fasalina and blind devotion to the Claw cloud his judgement, causing him to execute the rebels that were holding him hostage. After the rebels make off in an armor, Michael pursues leaving nothing in the ocean but small ashes, he is solely the Claw's tool of "rebirth". Read More...


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