Gun Sword Vol. #6 - Review

The volume begins with Van and Fasalina going head to head in combat as the group races to stop Michael's firing into space. We get to look into the causes of Fasalina's loyalty and why she finds the Claw so alluring which leads to her unyielding duty to stop the Claw's main adversary Van. Her armor has unusual abilities which she wields as she dances around her pole like a contained stripper in a cage. Michael blasts off and Fasalina retreats with her mission complete, but Van and Ray are both wounded and desperately needing repairs. When Michael gets into orbit he destroys Dann's satellite which cause tremendous trouble for Van since the healing of Dann as well as his own life are tied together within the port of that satellite. The relationships are extremely entwined in this series and that is an aspect that really pulls you into their plights. Van being unaware of the love triangle he is in, while Ray deals with his on mental wounds over the loss of his wife and the attempt at reconnecting with this brother, to the way that Carmen manages to hold the group together with simple ease and determination. On the other hand Fasalina's infatuation with the Claw pushes her forward, yet there appears to be a piece that is falling for Michael. Michael believes he is fighting for both his sister and the Claw in an extremely convoluted thought processes which he uses. This is what makes this series so fascinating to watch as this web that entangles all the characters continues to spread outwards. Read More...


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