Gun Sword Vol. #7 - Review

With Van missing in action the group breaks apart so that they can make the rush to stop the Claw in his final stages to active the Birthday armor. The first to reach is Ray who knocks his brother unconscious so that he isn't killed by the Claw like his wife was. Ray really evolves as a character in these few scenes with Joshua and finally with the Claw, for we see his humanity return and finally he is willing to give even his life to save the world and his brother. Ray climbs the steps to the Birthday armor with his vision fading and the Claw's guards moving in and he gives the Claw and option his life or the life of his dream which the Claw scoffs at. Ray smiles and fires one last bullet as the gunfire rains down on him and the Claw easily deflects the bullet which ricchets into the gears of the motor of the Birthday armor. Ray had given him the choice and passes away to his peacefully heaven knowing that he had given Van time to hopefully save the world from the Claw's insanity.Joshua awakes to see that Ray is gone and he knows that he went to stop the Claw but he is too late for Ray had already made his sacrifice, and this leads Josh to get caught by Michael who had just return from space. But, the Joshua who was taken prisoner was different, changed by the actions of his brother, almost invigorated by the return of the man he thought was gone. Ray even goes as far as to call him brave which I believe really is the shift in the mental outlook of Joshua. After he escapes he races to shut the power down perminantly to the Birthday armor no matter the cost, while Yukiko and Carmen make their way into the building to try and blow up the place. Yukiko as the worthless member of the group she is, gets instantly captured but the newly reformed Joshua saves her, which drives home for the viewer the change in his demeanor, as Carmen goes to the flower room to stop the Claw's mind control vegetation. But, the chance to detonate her bombs is cut short as Fasilina returns to stop Carmen, which begins the most odd conversation over jealousy and envy which seems extremely out of character for Carmen and made me scratch my head watching it. Read More...


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