Ghost Sweeper Mikami Collection 2 - Review

Because of the number of episodes that this series run, this set gives us just eleven episodes which brings us up to number twenty-three in the series. With the first series having set up the basics of the show, Ghost Sweeper Mikami essentially runs with the same kinds of gags with every new episode. The fun with the show comes in watching how the characters react to the situations or the outlandish things that they're put through. While Mikami is in the title, the more it goes on the more that it seems like Tadao is the real star. And because of his perverted nature and continued quest to get with Mikami, that offers up a lot of material on a regular basis.

 Over the course of the eleven episodes, we get a pair of two-part episodes while the rest are standalone pieces. The two part stories work pretty well as the let the stories expand a bit more. One of them involves the gang going off to an island to deal with a vampire who is about to make things very public because of the way he's turning everyone, so the vampire's very long lived son has asked Reiko to come in and help. Along with a few other ghost sweepers including Emi which makes things really awkward for the whole group. When things go big, there's definitely a lot of fun to be had here as the whole island of possessed vampires get after them. Of course, Tadao gets taken over early on and he's very, very keen to suck on Reiko. Read More...


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