Blade of the Immortal Vol. #1 - Review

Based on the ongoing manga by Hiroaki Samura, Blade of the Immortal is a thirteen episode series that has quite a history to it. When the manga began and was adapted for release in the US, it generated some controversy because of the swastika on the back of the lead characters outfit, which means something very different from the reverse swastika used by the Nazi's. Of course, such differences are minor to some but Dark Horse didn't back down and provided a mini history with the manga. Thankfully, quite a few years later, this isn't quite the issue it might have once been and the show is presented well here.Taking place in the 1780's in Japan, Blade of the Immortal, for this arc at least, is all about revenge. We're introduced to a man named Manji who has found himself in quite the unusual situation. For reasons as yet explained, his body has been infested with bloodworms that imbue him with immortality as they repair any wound he receives. Manji has not led a good clean life and is essentially quite the notorious killer, having become known as the Hundred Man Killer. With this new twist to his life, which is related to an old woman who has filled him in on it as she's some eight hundred plus years old, he's decided to change course and has vowed to eliminate a thousand evil men to try and balance the scales for what's happened in his life. Read More...


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