Blade of the Immortal Vol. #3 - Review

Blade of the Immortal was essentially doomed to a poor ending since the manga is ongoing and this series ran only thirteen episodes. There's so much material to cover and nowhere near enough time to do it, never mind that Bee Train really does seem an inappropriate choice to handle the show. While it's been competent, this is a show that needed to be treated differently in its approach both in style and substance. These last four episodes essentially bring the show to a slow conclusion, as much of one as you can have, and that almost lazy nature doesn't give it the best of feelings.

 This volume splits its stories to a two parter and two single stories. The opening two part story is pretty decent, arguably the best of this volume, as it has Manji and Rin closing in on another member of the group that she wants her vengeance on. The man in question is Araya, a skilled samurai who has changed his life completely in the two years since Rin's parents were murdered. Araya took on that job as his last, he reveals to Rin when she confronts him peacefully after learning that he's taking care of his son after his wife died, and he's spent his time since then eking out a life as a mask maker and decorator for festivals. Rin's understanding of his position isn't what puts her to simply asking for an apology but rather understanding what his son Renzo's life would be like and she doesn't want him to be like her. There's a good deal of action added into this towards the end, but it's the tense moments earlier in the episode with the encounters, including Manji's meeting of the man, that makes this two part storyline work so well. Read More...


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