Eyeshield 21 Collection 4 - Review

As Eyeshield 21 moves along, now with everyone fully back in Japan and ready to deal with the Christmas Bowl, the team continues to come together pretty well. While I have my issues with the show, some of those things have fallen away for the most part with this set of episodes since there's less of a problem with people figuring out that Sena is Eyeshield. The previous set of episodes pushed my buttons a lot with the things I don't care for with the show, that particular aspect was rather strong in fact, but with this run the focus is more on the game itself and the variety of opponents that they're facing.

 One of the main focuses of this set of episodes is on Sena with his discovery and formalization of a move that's being called the Devil Bat Ghost. His speed is increasing heavily with all of the training he's been through with the death march and the opponents he's faced have had him really work out a new method of getting around them. Each new team he goes up against brings something new to the table that teaches him something new. Hiruma for his part wants to keep this move a secret as much as possible, but he also already knows its weakness and he's intent on working through it with him. Of course, Sena can't keep it completely secret as he gets involved in a game that has him bringing it out but that ends up forcing him to adapt and understand his weaknesses better than Hiruma could do it. Read More...



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